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Never forget important exam techniques again.

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Along with epocrates, eyechart, and imurmur, I use this multiple times a week. A must buy!

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Complete with pictures of normals and detailed instructions, you will never go into an OSCE or examine a patient without knowing what to do. Great app!

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Preparing for a career in medicine requires learning a daunting amount of information and technique. When facing an important test of your knowledge and abilities, like the physical examination of a patient, nerves can derail all of your memorization and confidence, in a hurry.

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You know the material; you just need a little last minute boost and memory jogger to quell the stage fright. This application lets you look up selected terms, view illustrations of physical exam maneuvers, read the Clinical Correlates to discover the significance of certain findings and find descriptions of special tests.

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Physical Exam Essentials even offers a guide for describing your findings. Physical Exam Essentials is not a comprehensive medical reference. Rather, it is a handy overview resource that is perfect for medical students, pre-meds, health professionals and anyone who practices or has an interest in medicine.

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